IndiaHow Fashion Designer Prathyusha Garimella Died? Committed Suicide or Murder?

How Fashion Designer Prathyusha Garimella Died? Committed Suicide or Murder?

Prathyusha Garimella, a fashion designer in Telugu cinema, has mysteriously died in the bathroom.

Hyderabad: Prathyusha Garimella has been a fashion designer in Telugu cinema. He was living in his apartment in Banjara Hills area of ​​Hyderabad city of Telangana when he mysteriously died in the bathroom yesterday.

Upon learning of this, the police seized her body and sent it to Osmania Hospital for autopsy.

There was a bottle of carbon monoxide in the room. Police suspect she may have been breathing it. Thus the case has been registered as the death of the suspect.

Police have passed this information on to his family and friends. Police said Prathyusha Garimella  has been suffering from depression for the past few days, however an investigation is underway. Other things will be revealed after that.

After studying fashion design in the United States, Prathyusha Garimella started her career in Hyderabad. She has been working as a fashion designer since 2013 and has continued to progress.

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She has been a fashion designer for various famous screen stars in Telugu movies and some Bollywood films. In this case, his mysterious death has come as a shock to moviegoers.

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