IndiaHow to find calcium carbide ripened mangoes?

How to find calcium carbide ripened mangoes?

Put the mangoes in a bucket of water. When mangoes are submerged they are naturally ripe fruit. Instead the fruit floats in water, where they are artificially ripened. Also, natural mangoes do not have much less or no juices than artificially ripened fruit.

Some more ways to identify chemically ripe mangoes

Check the color

In artificially ripened mangoes, there is a chance of green patches. These patches differ from yellow.


When you eat artificially ripened mango, you may feel a slight burning sensation in the mouth. Some people may experience abdominal pain, diarrhea and many others.

That does not mean that any juice is artificial

Squeeze the juice from the mango. Well ripened mangoes may have a lot of juice; However, the juice in artificially ripened mangoes may be less.

So when you buy mangoes it is good to know whether it is naturally ripe or artificially ripened. Use these methods to check it out and enjoy.

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