IndiaHow to Make Turn on Your Photo into WhatsApp Sticker?

How to Make Turn on Your Photo into WhatsApp Sticker?

The new feature that has been released is that you can turn your photo into a WhatsApp sticker. We can turn our favorite photos into stickers through WhatsApp without the help of another application.

WhatsApp last introduced the sticker feature in 2018. This feature caught everyone and increased the number of users using the sticker.

This was followed by the release of movie scripts and characters as WhatsApp stickers to appeal to users of the 3rd category.

WhatsApp has now introduced the feature of sending our favorite photos as stickers without the help of other processors.

This feature can only be used on the WhatsApp web. To use these, open the WhatsApp web and navigate to a chat window.

Then click on the Attachment icon and select Sticker.

Now go to File Explorer and select your favorite photo and open it.

Sending these will go in sticker mode. This sticker can be saved by right clicking or pressing for a long time.

This feature does not include the ability to delete the background of the photo. If you send background deleted photos it will be similar to the stickers given on WhatsApp.

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