IndiaHow to Send Money Transfer UPI Lite Payments without Internet Connection Rs.200...

How to Send Money Transfer UPI Lite Payments without Internet Connection Rs.200 to 2000

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) is to launch a application called ‘UPI Lite’ (upilite) which enables small amounts of money transfer on mobile without internet.

This UPI Lite is to be introduced to simplify money transfer and reduce the pressure on the banking system.

Do not have internet connection

UPI Lite has been introduced as the first step to debit money in offline mode with no internet facility on mobile phone and to credit money with internet connection. Receiving and sending money can both be done offline, i.e. without an internet connection, if this experimental endeavor yields excellent results.

The first phase will be a joint venture with various banks to launch the UPI Lite application testing initiative. The commercial introduction will formally begin if the banking transaction becomes problematic in this experimental endeavor

You can only send a maximum of Rs.200 when transferring without internet. You can only deposit up to a maximum of Rs.2,000 in the on-device wallet.

According to various studies on UPA payments, 75 per cent of retail transactions in India are worth less than Rs.100. Thus, the value of the UPI transaction is set at Rs.200.

Once a person has uploaded the UPI Lite on their mobile phone, they can deposit up to Rs.2,000 per wallet from their bank account.

How to send UPI Lite Money Transfer

When transferring this money from a bank account to a wallet, the mobile must have an internet connection. But, when sending money, internet is not required.

The UPI Lite application comes with additional security features such as OTP and the ability to transfer without a PIN. That means you can send money by keeping the biometric system and password of the application in the cell phone.

Maybe when sending money, if you want to send securely with OTP facility, you can turn on the internet facility i.e. data and receive and send OTP. ”

UPI Payment was launched in the year 2016 and has been very well received by the people. 452.74 crore as on February 2022, amounting to Rs. 8.26 lakh crore. NPCI has set a target of 100 crore transactions daily over the next 5 years.

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