IndiaIAS Officer Tina Dabi, Pradeep Gawande Wedding Images shared by her sister...

IAS Officer Tina Dabi, Pradeep Gawande Wedding Images shared by her sister Ria Dabi

IAS Riya Dabi has shared pictures of her sister Tina Dabi's engagement and marriage. In which IAS couple looks very beautiful.

The wedding ceremony of IAS Tina Dabi and Pradeep Gawande is over. Now many pictures of this special occasion have been shared by Tina’s sister Ria Dabi. Ria has shared pictures of her sister’s engagement and marriage by posting one after the other.

In the first photo of Ria’s first post, Pradeep Gawande and Tina Dabi are seen wearing rings to each other. In this post, Ria has shared two more photos. In which she is also seen with the IAS couple. In the caption of the post, Riya made an emoji of a ring and a heart. He has given the date of April 21 on this.

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Ria has given her second post on April 22. It has many pictures of Pradeep and Tina. Both of them are seen in different styles in all the photos. Sometimes they both have a smile on their face. Sometimes both their eyes are bent. And sometimes the eyes of both meet.

In these pictures, both of them are seen in white outfits. Both have a necklace of flowers around their neck. And the picture of Gautam Buddha and Bhimrao Ambedkar is also seen in the background of the photo. There is also a family photo at the end of the post. In whose center Tina and Pradeep are seen and the rest of the family members are next to them.

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There was also a grand reception of Tina and Pradeep on 22 April itself. Its pictures have surfaced. In which both the couples are seen sitting on the stage. For this special ceremony, the IAS couple chose queen color clothes.

Let us tell you that this is the second marriage of UPSC topper and IAS Tina Dabi of the year 2015. Whereas this is the first marriage of IAS Pradeep Gawande, 13 years older than him. Earlier, Tina was married to IAS Athar Aamir Khan. But later both of them got divorced.

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