IndiaIdeas2IT Chennai IT company gave 100 Maruti Suzuki cars to employees as...

Ideas2IT Chennai IT company gave 100 Maruti Suzuki cars to employees as a gift

Car gift to employees is given as a gift to the employees to contribute to their work and the growth of the company.

Have you ever wondered if the company you work for would gift you a car! Didn’t it feel like a dream? But this thing is completely true for this IT company of Chennai.

Chennai-based IT company Ideas2IT has rewarded 100 of its employees with a Maruti Suzuki car for their excellent work. The company has also openly accepted that if the employees do not work properly, then the company will not grow. Their employees play a major role in the success and growth of any company.

100 cars given to 100 employees

Ideas2IT CEO Gayatri Vivekanandan gifted 100 employees Maruti Suzuki cars in the presence of the company’s founder and chairman Murali Vivekanandan at the mega wealth-sharing event. Vivekanandan said that the growth of the company was due to the employees. Vivekanandan said that Ideas2IT has taken this step by launching Wealth Sharing. Gifting a car is the first step in this direction. He added that Ideas2IT plans to launch more such initiatives in the near future.

This car was given to the employees

Ideas2IT has its head office in Chennai. The company is a firm manufacturing high end engineering products. Ideas2IT has gifted 100 Maruti Suzuki cars to 100 employees for being with them and contributing to the continued success of the company.

The company works for them

It was told about the company that the company works to provide the latest software projects to Facebook, Bloomberg, Microsoft, Oracle, Motorola, Roche, Medtronic and many other companies.

Company started in the year 2009

Ideas2IT started as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) consulting firm in Silicon Valley in 2009, with 6 engineers making their debut. Now the company has technologists in many places including America, Mexico and India.

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