Thursday, August 11, 2022
IndiaIf Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal is fired, Elon Musk will have to...

If Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal is fired, Elon Musk will have to pay $42 Million (Rs 322 crore) in compensation

Some fake news is spreading on the social networking site that the government is providing free data to 100 million customers for online education.

Speaking about the freedom of Twitter, the world’s largest social networking site, Elon Musk said that some things need to be improved. In particular, he suggested that the edit button should be brought in, allowing the message to be typed more. While his comments have caused a stir, Musk recently announced his intention to buy Twitter.

Announcing one of the biggest offers, Mr Musk said that this was the final offer. The Twitter company seriously considered his offer. Twitter, which agreed to Muskin’s offer in the interest of shareholders, has officially begun talks with Musk about it. In the end, the deal was to buy Twitter for $ 44 billion. That is, Musk has to go to Twitter at his disposal.

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Speaking to Twitter staff, Parag Agarwal, a Twitter CEO of Indian descent, expressed his doubts about the future of Twitter. Parag Agarwal also said that there is uncertainty as to which direction Twitter will travel in the future.

Meanwhile, doubts have been raised about the future of Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal. If Musk takes over Twitter, will Parag Agarwal continue in that position? As many have questioned. They also asked how much he would have to pay if he was fired. If Parag Agarwal is sacked, he will have to pay about 322 crore rupees in Indian rupees ($42 Million USD).

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