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IndiaIndia abstained from voting on Russia's Resolution at the UN

India abstained from voting on Russia’s Resolution at the UN

Russia-Ukraine war: Russia and China voted in favor of the resolution, with no countries voting against.

United Nations: India, along with 12 UN Security Council members, has boycotted Russia’s resolution on the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Syria, North Korea and Belarus co-sponsored Russia’s draft resolution. The resolution was not passed on Wednesday because it did not receive the nine votes needed to pass it in the UN General Assembly.

Russia and China voted in favor of the resolution, while none voted against. India and the rest of the Security Council abstained.

Russia, a member of the Council with permanent and veto powers, has called for a referendum on the 15-nation Security Council. It called for the full protection of humanitarian workers, including women and children, and for the proper evacuation of civilians in a safe, speedy and unobstructed manner, and for the parties to agree to humanitarian suspensions.

The Russian resolution, which makes no reference to the occupation of Ukraine, calls on all parties to co-operate for the safe and unrestricted evacuation of foreigners and Ukrainian people, especially women, children and vulnerable people, to places outside Ukraine.

Although other council members issued statements after the vote on the resolution, India did not release any statement. Earlier, India had twice voted in the Security Council and once in the General Assembly on resolutions on Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.

US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield tweeted that “in the joint opposition vote, 13 members of the Security Council abstained from Russia’s mock resolution and pointed to the humanitarian crisis it created in Ukraine.”

Commenting on the referendum, Thomas-Greenfield said that “Russia’s courage to ask the international community for a resolution to resolve the humanitarian crisis created by Russia alone is unconscionable.”

“The United States wants to avoid this speech, because frankly, Russia does not care about the deteriorating humanitarian situation or the loss of millions of lives and dreams. If they care, they will stop the war.”

“Russia is an aggressive and aggressive country. Russia is engaged in a brutal campaign against the Ukrainian people, but it has come up with a resolution that does not acknowledge its guilt and wants it passed,” he said.

UK Ambassador Barbara Woodward has said her country will not vote for any resolution in the Security Council or the General Assembly that does not recognize that Russia is the sole cause of this humanitarian catastrophe.

Russia’s resolution at the UN Security Council is one of three resolutions on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine presented to the UN General Assembly and Security Council on Wednesday.

The UN General Assembly resumed its 11th emergency special session on Ukraine on Wednesday. Before that there were two resolutions for consideration. The 193-member General Assembly is expected to vote on the resolution on Thursday.

A UNGA resolution by Ukraine and its Western allies on the “humanitarian consequences of the occupation of Ukraine” calls for an immediate end to Russia’s hostility toward Ukraine, especially civilian attacks. . It also states that the public must be fully protected, including humanitarian workers, journalists and persons at risk, including women and children. ”

It also demands that all parties ensure the assistance of humanitarian personnel to those in need in Ukraine and its neighbors, the availability of their means of transportation, supplies and equipment, and safe and unrestricted access.

There is no mention of Russia in the other competitive resolution proposed by South Africa. The resolution called on all parties to the conflict to immediately end hostilities and to promote political dialogue, negotiations, mediation and other means of peace aimed at achieving lasting peace.

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