Thursday, June 30, 2022
IndiaIndia Ranked 54th Place on Tourism and Travel World Wide

India Ranked 54th Place on Tourism and Travel World Wide

India’s position is declining in terms of creating and facilitating a better environment for global travel and tourism .

This is the reason why India has dropped eight places to 54th position in the Global Travel and Tourism Development Index, 2021, released by the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Tuesday.

Although India has topped the list of South Asian countries, it has not fared well at the global level.

The Global Travel and Tourism Development Index is released by the WEF every two years. In this, efforts are being made to promote tourism and travel in the top 117 countries in terms of global travel and tourism and the facilities available in the countries are assessed.

Apart from this, the ranking of the countries is determined keeping in view the impact they have on the economy of the respective countries.

Japan achieved the top position

Japan has topped the latest index released by WEF . Similarly, America has secured second place, Spain third, France fourth, Germany fifth, Switzerland sixth, Australia seventh, Britain eighth, Singapore ninth and Italy tenth.

Similarly, India has dropped eight places from 46th position in the year 2019 to 54th position, which is a matter of concern for the country’s economy.

The Central African country of Chad has been the worst loser in the index. He is ranked 117th. It is followed by Yemen, Sierra Leone, Angola, Cameroon, Lesotho, Nigeria, Malawi and Venezuela.

In these countries, in the last two years, no special efforts have been made to promote travel and tourism and the facilities available there have also declined. This is the reason that the village of travel and tourism in these countries has been very low.

What is the situation of neighboring countries of India?

In this index, only China (12th place) has been ahead of India. Apart from this, Sri Lanka (74th), Pakistan (84th), Bangladesh (100th) and Nepal (102nd) have been ranked by the economic crisis. India has topped in South Asia.

Countries recovering from the pandemic have challenges- Lauren

Lauren Apink, head of aviation, travel and tourism at the WEF, said: “A study of 117 countries has shown that all countries are recovering from the crisis of the corona pandemic, but the revival is unbalanced and challenges remain.”

He said, “The restrictions imposed to contain the Kovid-19 epidemic have affected the significant contribution of travel and tourism. In such a situation, countries have to create a strong environment to improve travel and tourism experiences.”

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International tourism and business travel did not increase substantially

Lauren Apink said international tourism and business travel are still below pre-pandemic levels, but rapid vaccinations and demand for domestic and nature tourism are strengthening activities in the region.

He said that out of 117 countries, only 39 countries have improved more than one percent in travel and tourism, while 27 countries have declined by more than one percent.

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