IndiaIndia's First Passenger Travel Varuna Drone Introduced it Can Carry upto 130...

India’s First Passenger Travel Varuna Drone Introduced it Can Carry upto 130 Kgs 25 KM Range Distance

India's 1st Passenger Drone: A startup from Pune, Maharashtra has created the first passenger drone in the country. The pilotless drone developed for the Indian Navy can carry a payload of up to 130 kg. This drone has the ability to cover a distance of 25 km with that weight.

India’s 1st Passenger Drone 2022: This unmanned aircraft can be piloted using a remote control. It can support a weight of about 130 kg and has a range of up to 25 km. This aircraft is capable of landing safely in case of technical failure in flight. In emergencies, the parachute opens automatically to help you land safely. It is also said that many technologies are used for the safety of the passengers. The trial run for this was held last month in the presence of Prime Minister Modi. In this case, it is said that this drone is ready and will be used by the Indian Navy.

There are many unmanned drones.. but now.. a human carrying drone has also arrived. Yes.. now with the help of drone.. you can easily move from one place to another. It is known that Prime Minister Narendra Modi observed the first human drone test in the country. This drone was designed by Sagar Defense Engineering, a start-up company based in Pune, Maharashtra. It took almost four years to build this drone. After many failed attempts.. this drone is ready. This drone has been prepared for the Indian Army. This drone has a flying capacity of 130 kg.

Recently, the Indian Postal Department has launched an initiative to deliver parcels using drones in the Kutch district of Gujarat. Apart from that, drone delivery of medicines to roadless areas, air ambulance services etc. have been experimented in many parts of India. Following this, a single-person passenger drone has been launched in India for the first time. Named Varuna, the drone is manufactured by Sagar Defense Engineering in Pune, Maharashtra.

Ritul Babbar, co-founder of the company said about this drone.. The drone can be useful for air ambulance or transportation of goods in “remote” areas, this drone is capable of carrying around 130 kg weight easily and can travel 30 to 35 km. In addition, he said that the technical defects of this drone will be safe and secure landing and parachute has been installed in the drone.

He explained that this parachute opens in emergency situations, so that the drone comes down to the ground safely. This drone is completely safe and there is no need to worry while flying. He said that this drone will join the Indian Army in a few days. A drone is an electronic gadget. It flies with remote assistance. Until now, they used to make small drones. But now larger drones are also being made.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi witnessed the drone’s (Varuna) capabilities at the two-day Bharat Drone Mahotsav in Delhi earlier this year. In this program, PM Modi said that everyone in India should have a smartphone in their hands, every farm should have a drone, then every home should have prosperity, Modi said that is his dream. Also, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has shared the videos related to this drone on Twitter.

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