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IndiaInternational Dance Day 2022 April 29 Know the health benefits of dancing

International Dance Day 2022 April 29 Know the health benefits of dancing

International Dance Day is celebrated every year on 29 April.

The purpose of celebrating this day is to increase the encouragement of all the dancers of the world and to make people aware of the dance forms.

The day also marks the birthday of modern ballet creator Jean-Georges Noverre.

Now that we are talking about International Dance Day, then we also get acquainted with the benefits of dance.

Let us know about the health benefits of dance.

Helps in increasing physical strength and balance

Dancing helps a lot in increasing physical strength and balance as it builds stability in the body.

According to a study in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, many adults experienced improvements in their physical balance after practicing tango dancing.

Actually, there are many types of steps and movements during dance, which are helpful in making the muscles flexible and keeping the body strong and balanced.

Better for mental health

Dance is very beneficial for the body as well as the mental health .

It enhances memory and can play an important role in keeping it safe from many types of mental diseases.

Dancing also keeps the mood good because it releases the mood correcting hormone adrenal by the body, due to which we are able to remain happy including being free from mental disorders like stress and anxiety.

It is also effective in keeping the heart healthy

Dancing is also very effective in keeping the heart healthy and strong as it reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke by balancing your heart rate and improving stamina.

According to an Italian study, dancers have better heart function than those who ride a bicycle or walk on a treadmill.

Therefore, do any kind of dance for a few minutes every day.

is helpful in reducing weight

Usually people turn to the gym in the desire to control the increasing weight , but if you want, you can also control your increasing weight by doing freestyle dance at home daily.

According to studies, dancing for at least 30 minutes can help burn 300-400 calories, so motivate yourself to dance daily. Apart from this, keeping dancing will also increase the flexibility in the body of the children.

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