IndiaIs Tamil Nadu 14 Year Old Boy Died After Drink Limca Cooldrink...

Is Tamil Nadu 14 Year Old Boy Died After Drink Limca Cooldrink & Bingo Chips?

The boy died in his mother's lap in a moving bus after drinking a cold drink near Tindivanam.

Chennai: Jebastinraj (age 43) hails from Mylapore, Chennai. He runs a grocery store in the same area. His wife is Porselvi (36). They have a daughter Angeline Selva Anusuya (16) and a son Antonijan Roshan (14).

In this situation, Potselvi along with her son and daughter went to Srivilliputhur a few days ago to attend the temple festival held in her hometown. Then he left the temple festival last night with his family and left for Chennai by government bus.

On the way, the bus stopped at a hotel in Alagapuri, a town near Madurai. At that time, Potselvi bought cold drinks for her son Antonijan Roshan in a shop there. Antonijan Roshan suddenly vomited after drinking it. After that he vomited 4 times.

The boy died

Tired of this, Goldselvi kept him lying on her lap and traveled by bus. When the bus was joining the Trichy-Chennai National Highway near Tindivanam in Villupuram district, the driver stopped the bus at a roadside cafe to drink tea. Then Goldselvi woke up her son to drink tea. But he didn’t wake up.

Shocked by this, Potselvi took her son to Tindivanam Government Hospital in the same bus with the help of fellow passengers. The doctors who examined him there declared that Antonijan Roshan had already died.

In mother’s lap

On hearing this, Porselvi and his sister Angeline Selva Anusuya burst into tears. Did the boy die because he drank the cold drink and the Dindivanam police registered a case on the complaint given by Potselvi about this incident? Or are there any other reasons? They are investigating from various angles.

It is noteworthy that the deceased boy was studying in 9th standard in a private school in Mylapore area of ​​Chennai. The incident of a boy who had drunk soft drinks and died on his mother’s lap in a moving bus caused great sadness among fellow passengers.

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