IndiaKallakurichi Srimathi Suicide Case What Happened Really? Why TN 12th Class Student...

Kallakurichi Srimathi Suicide Case What Happened Really? Why TN 12th Class Student Srimathi Died?

Blood stain in Kaniyamoor students hostel..? Shocking information released. New information has come out in the death case of Chinnasalem student Srimathi.

Chennai: The issue of the mysterious death of a 12th class student Smt. in a private school operating in the Kaniyamoor area near Chinnasalem in Kallakurichi district has become a hot topic. The mother of the student said that there is a mystery in the suicide of the twelfth class student.

A private school is running in Kanyamoor village of Kallakurichi district. A 17-year-old girl from Cuddalore district was studying in class 12 while staying in the hostel in this school.

In this situation, it is said that the student committed suicide by jumping down from the dormitory floor of the school on the night of 13th. After this, the principal of the school informed the parents of the student.

Srimathi Suicide Case ECR School Secretary Video Released Video he says will give full cooperation for investigation

First they said that she got injured due to falling from the floor and again contacted the mother of the student and said that the student died. After this incident, the student’s parents immediately rushed to the school.

In this situation, the body of the student was taken to Kallakurichi Government Medical College Hospital by the school administration. After this, the parents of the student went to the hospital to see the dead body of the student. Then the mother of the student complained to her relatives that there were injuries on her body.

Srimathi Suicide or Murder people raising questions Blood stains on innerwear Chest injuries Post-mortem report

How did the student Srimathi died?

Shocked by this incident, the people of Periya Nesalur village besieged the private school and engaged in road blockade. After this, the mother of the student lodged a complaint at the police station.

In the complaint, the death of her daughter is mysterious and she has stated that there are injuries on her body. After this, the police registered a case of suspicious death and investigated the death of the student.

Following this, the relatives of the student and the villagers were engaged in a continuous protest demanding action against those responsible for the death of the student and arresting the school administrators.

Kallakurichi Srimathi death 3 people including Sakthi school principal arrested

In this situation, the mother of the student, who answered the questions of the reporters regarding her daughter’s death, said that the school administration is giving back and forth information about her daughter’s death.

He also questioned why the CCTV footage in the school was not clearly shown. He alleged that they were not fully informed about where the letter allegedly written by his daughter was taken.

TN Minister Anbil Mahesh says should not play politicize in Kallakurichi issue

Also, when the school administration was asked about the cause of death, there was no correct answer from the beginning. Later it is said that the student committed suicide by jumping from the hostel floor. The mother of the student screams that there is not even a drop of blood at the place where the student is said to have jumped, and my daughter has injuries on her neck and chest… They say that she jumped down. But the mother, who saw the dead body, said that there were no injuries on the arms and legs.

Two Kallakurichi school teachers arrested linked Srimathi Death Case

Meanwhile, photos of bloodstains in the student’s hostel have been released on social media, and it is going viral as the student’s bloodstain. In this regard, the information received from Kaniamoor area said that it is a paint stain and since 2020, the stain has remained on the wall. As the student’s parents are refusing to buy the body, the post-mortem has not been conducted yet. In this case, the relatives of the student are protesting to transfer the case to CBCID.

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