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Karnataka High Court has Ruled that Wearing the Hijab is not an Essential Practice of Islam

Bengaluru: The Karnataka High Court has ruled that wearing the hijab is not a essential practice of Islam. It also dismissed petitions against the ban on wearing the hijab in educational institutions.

In the state of Karnataka, Islamic students were banned from wearing the hijab to schools last February. Against this, Islamic students came to class wearing hijab at the Government PU College in Kundapura, Udupi district. However they were not allowed on the school premises.

The petition was filed by Islamic students Reshma Farooq, Khajira and her mother. The petitions were heard in the presence of Karnataka High Court Special Judge Krishna Dixit.

At that time, a separate judge ordered that the issue of wearing the hijab be heard by a comprehensive session of the Karnataka High Court.

In this context, the Karnataka High Court today dismissed various petitions on the issue of hijab.

The hijab is not a part of the Islamic community. Everyone is subject to the state uniform law. The Karnataka High Court therefore ruled that the ban on wearing the hijab would continue.

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