IndiaLIVE Pakistan Political Crisis Updates, Current Status of No-Trust Vote To...

LIVE Pakistan Political Crisis Updates, Current Status of No-Trust Vote To Decide Next PM; Shehbaz Sharif Frontrunner

Pakistan Political Crisis Live: After the order of the Supreme Court, the Parliament of Pakistan will vote on the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan today. The proceedings of the Pakistani Parliament have started.

Pakistan Crucial No-Trust Vote To Decide Next Prime Minister; Shehbaz Sharif Frontrunner. The ruling party did a walkout of Parliament, Proceedings have started in Pakistan Parliament. The new speaker Ayaz Sadiq has started this proceedings. Meanwhile, voting is also taking place but the ruling party has walked out of the house.

Speaker resigns

The Speaker of the Parliament of Pakistan Asad Qaiser and the Deputy Speaker have resigned from the post.

No one will be able to leave the country without NOC
There is a lot of tension in Pakistan at this time. Prisoners are stationed outside Parliament, emergency alert has been issued in hospitals. Along with this, there are also reports that no one will be able to leave the country without NOC.

Chief Justice reached Supreme Court

The Chief Justice of Pakistan has reached the Supreme Court. In such a situation, he has accepted the contempt petition filed by the Bar Association.

Amidst the ongoing political upheaval in Pakistan, the Supreme Court ordered the Islamabad High Court to open the court immediately. The Chief Justice of the High Court along with his associate judges will reach the court in some time.

Speaker and Imran Khan’s meeting is going on at PM’s residence. Security has been beefed up at Imran Khan’s house and Parliament.

Imran Khan cabinet meeting is over. It is believed that Imran Khan will not resign from his post. He will soon reach the National Assembly and will face a no-confidence motion there.

Imran Khan cabinet meeting has started in Pakistan. In this meeting, Imran Khan can announce the resignation of his government.

PoK political analyst Dr Amjad Ayub Mirza has claimed that Pakistani army tanks are roaming the streets of Islamabad. Army personnel have been deployed at many major intersections. At the same time, Imran Khan has called a cabinet meeting before voting on the no-confidence motion. Which may start after sometime.

The army has finally entered in the ongoing political crisis in Pakistan. Voting has not yet taken place on the no-confidence motion against the Imran Khan government in the National Assembly. Meanwhile, Pakistani army tanks have started patrolling the streets of Islamabad. Along with this, helicopters of Pakistani Air Force are also patrolling in the air.

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