Friday, July 1, 2022
IndiaMalayali Model Sahana Husband arrested for drugs found in house

Malayali Model Sahana Husband arrested for drugs found in house

An autopsy revealed that Sahana had minor injuries on her body. The doctors have given a report to the police.

Kasaragod, Kerala: Sahana (age 21) hails from Kasaragod, Kerala. Model Beauty, Sahana has also acted in Malayalam films with modeling. Last year she fell in love with Sajad and got married. Sahana family initially refused to accept their marriage, but later accepted it. After that they often went to Sahana house.

After Sahana came to act, she rented a house in Kozhikode and stayed with her husband. I heard a roar from their house yesterday morning. Hearing the noise the neighbors went there. Then Sahana lay dead on her husband’s lap.

The shocked neighbors informed the police. Sahana relatives also got the information and went there. They allege that Sahana death is a mystery and that her husband must have killed Sahana.

Meanwhile, the police arrived and seized Sahana body and sent it for autopsy.

They also searched Sahana bedroom. There was cannabis and some drugs. Police seized it and are investigating the matter with the neighbors.

In it, Sahana and her husband reported frequent domestic disputes. They also said that the owner of the house had already told them to vacate the house.

Meanwhile an autopsy revealed that Sahana had minor injuries on her body. The doctors have given a report to the police.

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It is being investigated by senior police officials. Initially, they arrested Sajad, Sahana husband. Police, who questioned him yesterday, are producing him in court this afternoon. They have since decided to take him back into custody and investigate.

It seems that shocking news about Sahana death may come out then.

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