IndiaMastermind of Kanpur violence, Hayat Zafar was getting funding from abroad, got...

Mastermind of Kanpur violence, Hayat Zafar was getting funding from abroad, got Rs 48 crore in 3 years

Kanpur Violence Case : Violence in Kanpur did not flare up suddenly, but planning was going on for a long time. For this, the mastermind of the violence, Hayat Zafar Hashmi, was getting huge funding from abroad.

In the investigation of the agencies, it was found that the mastermind of the violence, Hayat Zafar Hashmi, had huge funding from abroad. In the last 3 years, about 48 crore rupees were transacted in his bank accounts. Why and for what purpose this money was given, Hashmi is not giving any answer.

Hashmi was involved in conspiracy to instigate Muslims

According to the police, Hayat Zafar Hashmi has formed the Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar Fans Association. He is the national president of this institution. To say that he was working to increase awareness in the Muslim society, but in reality he was engaged in conspiracies to incite Muslims against the country and spread violence.

Funding of Rs 48 crores received abroad in 3 years

According to sources, Hayat Zafar Hashmi is getting foreign funding since 2019. He had opened an account in a private bank of Babupurwa area in Kanpur. Whose account number is 50014717838. On July 30, 2019, Rs 3 crore 54 lakh was deposited in this account from abroad. After this, in September 2021, Rs 98 lakh was withdrawn simultaneously.

Sources reveal that till now a transaction of Rs 47 crore 68 lakh has been done from the bank accounts of Hayat Zafar Hashmi. Where did this money come from, for what purpose was it given and among whom was it distributed? This is a big question, which security agencies are engaged to solve.

Enforcement Directorate will also start investigation

After the foreign connection of Hayat Zafar Hashmi came to the fore, the police have filed an application in the court and demanded remand. According to the information, soon after the matter of foreign funding comes to the fore, the Enforcement Directorate can also start investigation in this matter.

It is believed that this money was being sent to Hayat Zafar Hashmi on behalf of the Gulf countries for Ghazwa-e-Hind. Keeping in mind the possibility that other people like Hashmi might have been given similar funding, the police is also investigating the matter.

New video of Kanpur violence surfaced

Meanwhile, a new video of Kanpur Violence has surfaced. This video is being told of Beconganj area. In this video, people are seen pelting stones after coming out of the street. In this, youths and middle-aged people are also seen doing violence. This video is from near the mosque built on the new road.

The police is trying to identify the faces seen in this video. After this, posters will be issued after getting their photos taken out. Along with this, they will be arrested after registering a case.

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SP alleges unilateral action

As the police investigation is progressing in the Kanpur Violence case, politics has also started intensifying. The Samajwadi Party has accused the police of taking unilateral action in this matter. The party says that only Muslims are being implicated in this case, no action is being taken against Hindus.

In this episode, 3 SP MLAs met Police Commissioner Vijay Singh Meena on Wednesday. Party MLAs Amitabh Bajpayee, Irfan Solanki and Hassan Rumi protested the action by giving a memorandum to the Police Commissioner.

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