Sunday, July 3, 2022
IndiaMexico Three People killed Small Plane Crashes into grocery supermarket

Mexico Three People killed Small Plane Crashes into grocery supermarket

Mexico's Civil Aviation Safety Authority has launched a comprehensive investigation into the cause of the crash, which was not immediately known.

Mexico City: A small twin-engine small plane took off from the coastal city of Acapulco in the province of Guerrero, Mexico. The 9-seater aircraft was carrying four people, including the pilot.

The flight takes about 10 km to reach the destination. The pilot suddenly lost control while flying over the town of Temixco in the province of Morelos before the distance.

Thus the plane was stuck in the middle. Those on board screamed in death in fear. Following this, the pilot reportedly tried to land the plane in a hurry.

However, his plane crashed into a supermarket in Temixco. The plane crashed into the wall of the supermarket and crashed.

It sounds like a bomb exploded when the plane crashed into a supermarket. Hearing this, the shocked neighbors ran away.

They were shocked to see the plane crash into the supermarket. They then went on an intensive rescue mission and informed the police and rescue team.

Rescuers rushed to the scene and removed the plane and the rubble. Were engaged in the task of rescuing those trapped beneath it.

However, three of the four passengers on the plane were killed on the spot. Only one person fortunately survived with serious injuries.

Also 3 customers who were buying goods in the supermarket were seriously injured in the accident.

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Rescue crews rescued the four injured and sent them by ambulance to a nearby hospital. There they are being treated intensively. Mexico’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority has launched a comprehensive investigation into the cause of the crash, which was not immediately known.

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