IndiaMS Dhoni Likely Announce Retirement Today After IPL Match

MS Dhoni Likely Announce Retirement Today After IPL Match

Dhoni to play in his last IPL match?

Not only Chennai Super Kings fans but all cricket fans are waiting for today (May 20) at 7 pm. The reason is that today the Chennai Super Kings team is playing its last league match. There are many rumors that Dhoni will retire this year.

Asked if he would retire in the last match of 2020, Dhoni said “defenetly not” and the word was very popular. Then, in 2021, the general public who raised the same question answered “still haven’t left behind”.

In an interview, Dhoni said that he will play his last match in Chennai. In this context, Dhoni handed over his captaincy to Jadeja before the start of the IPL this year, and this decision laid the foundation for the word that Dhoni is going to retire.

Halfway through Jadeja handed over the captaincy back to Dhoni. This caused some controversy. The CSK team has already pulled out of the IPL play-offs this year.

Today he is playing his match in a league match against Rajasthan. Doubts have been raised as to whether Dhoni will announce his retirement after the match.

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All the fans are expecting Dhoni to play for Chennai next year as well. While CSK was in a dilemma in this year’s IPL too, he has kept the team afloat with his batting.

Dhoni is now over 40 years old, though he looks a bit fit on the field. No matter what anyone says, it is Dhoni who is going to make the final decision.

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