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IndiaMumbai First Underworld Don Haji Mastan Complete Full History

Mumbai First Underworld Don Haji Mastan Complete Full History

Haji Mastan: The father of Haji Mastan had opened a bicycle puncture shop, right next to the food for Haj pilgrims in Mumbai. The number of this puncture shop was 7. Haji Mastan used to puncture his cycle while sitting at his shop.

Haji Mastan Full Story: Once upon a time in Mumbai there was a coin of underworld don Haji Mastan. Haji Mastan was the first don of Mumbai’s underworld, from whom the whole of Mumbai was afraid.

Haji Mastan, who united Dawood and Pathan gang, also used to make famous mafia Wardha dance on his behest. Haji Mastan used to meet with all the veterans of Bollywood till that time Bollywood’s veteran actors Sanjeev Kumar and Dilip Kumar.

The story of Haji Mastan is no less than the script of a film. The story of Haji Mastan, which started in the year 1926, ended in the year 1994. Haji Mastan, a resident of Tamil Nadu, reached Mumbai in 1934 at the age of 8.

In Mumbai, the father of Haji Mastan had opened a bicycle puncture shop, right next to the food for Haj pilgrims. The number of this shop was 7. Haji Mastan used to puncture his cycle while sitting in his shop. The puncture shop was not very functional, so Mastan decided to work as a porter on a ship for Haj pilgrims. Haji Mastan working like a porter at Indira Dock, Not checking Haj pilgrims, started lifting the goods of Hajis.

Haji Mastan had observed that Haj pilgrims are not screened and searched. After getting off the ship, Haji goes straight out. No matter how much the Haj pilgrims brought, there was no one to ask. On his return from Haj with the Hajis, Haji Mastan started bringing gold and silver to Mumbai by putting them in a box of dates.

20 kg gold in one go

The date box used to be 20-25 kg at that time. People used to easily bring gold from Jeddah by filling it. Haji Mastan initially earned money through this smuggling of gold and became the first don of Mumbai’s underworld.

Mumbai was the only route for Haj

In the 1960s and 70s, the route of Haj pilgrimage for Indians has been by ship from Mumbai to Indira Dock by sea. Hajis from all over the country used to come to Mumbai as Haj pilgrimage was possible from Mumbai itself. This is where the government used to give them visas and Haj pilgrims used to leave for 90 days from here.

Along with Mastan many other coolies along with Haji Mastan also got involved in smuggling of gold and silver. Along with Haji Mastan, Ashraf Rehman alias Lallu and Mohammad Noor alias Noora 28 also used to smuggle gold and silver.

Whenever gold used to come from Jeddah, the people of Mastan used to leave with gold and silver in Nura’s ambassador car number 28. After smuggling gold and silver for about 20 years, Haji Mastan earned a lot of money in the year 1970.

Start of Diamond Club

Haji Mastan bought two shops numbered eight and nine right in front of the passenger food for Haj pilgrims. In these shops Haji Mastan formed a club named Diamond Club. After some time Haji Mastan started running his empire from Diamond Club itself.

Network formed in Diamond Club

In Diamond Club, all the crooks of Mumbai used to come to gamble. The big mafia of that time used to have names like Karim Lala, Yusuf Patel, Varadarajan, they also used to come to Diamond Club. In this Diamond Club, Haji Mastan met all the goons of Mumbai and from there his empire started running.

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Gifted Diamond Club

After some time Haji Mastan gifted the Diamond Club to Lallu. Once the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence got the news of smuggling of gold and silver. The government officials caught Lallu and took him, but when he did not get the goods, he beat up Lallu a lot.

Even after a lot of beating, Lallu did not open his tongue. Pleased with this, Haji Mastan gifted Lallu the Diamond Club. Mastan had gifted his cycle puncture shop number 7 to Noora 28.

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