IndiaNowruz 2022 Iranian New Year Google Celebrates on Doodle March 21

Nowruz 2022 Iranian New Year Google Celebrates on Doodle March 21

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People from Iranian or Persian speaks are celebrating the New Year of every March 20th, 19:03:26 as of Nowruz (Norooz) its called New Year. Google has celebrating the Nowruz to displayed on Doodle image on today. More than 5 million searches has crossed Nowruz names on today as a trending on google.

What is Nowruz?

Nowruz (Persian: نوروز‎) is the name of the Iranian New Year in Iranian calendars and the corresponding traditional celebrations. Norooz is also widely referred to as the “Persian New Year”.

Nowruz is mostly celebrated by Iranian people then their cultural continent some parts of Central Asia, Caucasus, South Asia, Northwestern China, the Crimea and some groups in the Balkans.

There are commonalities for celebrating the New Year all over the world, but the myth of Nowruz in ancient Mesopotamia is local, meaning that so the myth of God was martyred and his resurrection was accompanied by celebration, usually before the claw or the five khums (five). The day before the beginning of the new year) God (Sumerian or Iranian Siavash) was considered a martyr.

Here, too, a few days before Nowruz, people would go to the tomb, carry lights, and weep and lament, because taking the lamp was intended to illuminate the path of the spirits in the hope that they would return.

On the night of Eid, God was resurrected in the eyes of the sellers or forks, and the spirits returned. So, the twelve days, which were equal to the twelve months of the year, were celebrated and rejoiced, and each day represented a month of the year.

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