Thursday, June 30, 2022
IndiaOla S1 Scooter Owner Sets Fire Frustrated on Mileage in Ambur

Ola S1 Scooter Owner Sets Fire Frustrated on Mileage in Ambur

The owner complained that when he bought the scooter, the Ola company said that it would give mileage of up to 180 km and currently does not even give 50 km.

Ambur: The electric scooter was set on fire by its owner with petrol as it did not give a mileage correction near Ambur.

Prithviraj belongs to the Samiyarmadam next to Ambur in the Tirupati district. He is a physiotherapist who bought an electric scooter for Rs.1.40 Lakh last September. The vehicle is said to have been repaired more than 4 times since the day of purchase.

It is alleged that the scooter came to a halt without charge when it was heading towards Ambur on the day of the incident. When he bought the scooter, he said that the Ola company would give him a mileage of up to 180 km and at present he was not even given 50 km. He poured petrol on the scooter and set it on fire.

It is noteworthy that recently electric scooters have caught fire and battery problems have caused severe dissatisfaction among customers.

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