IndiaPM Modi should be awarded Nobel Peace Prize BSE CEO

PM Modi should be awarded Nobel Peace Prize BSE CEO

Mumbai Stock Exchange CEO Ashish Chauhan has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's free ration scheme has benefited 80 crore Indians.

Kolkata: Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the Indian Institute of Management in Kolkata Ashish Chauhan CEO of BSE Mumbai says

For the last two years, the Modi government has been taking effective measures against corona.

We thank the Modi government for providing free ration items to 80 crore people during the Corona period.

The Prime Minister’s Free Ration Scheme has saved the poor citizens of India during the Corona tragedy. Even now it is an incredibly huge task.

The number of people who have been provided with free food for more than two years is greater than the population of the whole of Europe. The movement to provide free vaccination to 130 crore people is a milestone project accepted by most Indians.

Prime Minister Modi’s name should be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts against the corona epidemic.

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