IndiaPrashant Kishor to start own political party?

Prashant Kishor to start own political party?

It has been reported that political adviser Prashant Kishore is planning to start a party at the national level.

Electoral strategist Prashant Kishor has worked as an election strategist for various parties at different times. Meanwhile, there has been talk in the last few days that he will join the Congress. But no announcement has been made in that regard.

It has been reported that he will start a new party based in Bihar. Political observers say a tweet he posted on Twitter hinted at this.

He had said last month that he would reject the invitation of Congress to join their party. He also acted as an election advisor to the DMK in the 2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections and won for the DMK.

It was said that Rs 350 crore was given to Prashant Kishor for this. He acted as an election adviser to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 2014 parliamentary elections. Later, he walked out of them due to a disagreement with the BJP.

He then advised the Punjab Chief Minister on the election and persuaded them to win as well. Prashant Kishor, who has been an unstoppable force in India, is currently an MP.

In this situation, the fact that he is about to start a political party has come as a shock to many. Prashant Kishor has taken this decision as various political party leaders are planning to include him in their party.

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