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IndiaPuducherry Seenu (a) Deivanayagan Cheated 5 Women by Married

Puducherry Seenu (a) Deivanayagan Cheated 5 Women by Married

In Puducherry, the 4th wife of the man who cheated and married 5 women has filed a police complaint.

Puducherry: In Puducherry, 4 wives of the victims came to the police station with their baby girl and filed a tearful complaint against Kalyana Mannan, who cheated 5 women and married them one by one without their knowledge. Deivanayagan alias Seenu from Arianguppam who is involved in the complaint. He formally married Gayatri from Melukuppampillaiyar temple area of ​​Cuddalore district.

As their wedding took place during the Corona lockdown period, there was no reception. In this case, Gayatri was given 6 pounds of jewelry, a two-wheeler, a biro, and a bed as dowry. Gayathri was taken away by her mother after Deivanayagan, who had been in the family for 3 months, harassed her by demanding more money. Her husband Deivanayagan did not come to see Gayatri who was 3 months pregnant at that time.

When Gayatri became suspicious, she inquired about her husband and discovered the startling information that he had already had 5 marriages. It is revealed that he married first wife Anita, second wife Devi and third wife Kanagavalli. He married his first wife, Anitha alias Indrakumari, claiming that he had been married and separated and divorced.

But both did not get divorced. Gayatri has accused Deivanayagan of trying to beat and kill her with servants when she asked him about cheating and marrying 5 women in a row. When Gayatri was admitted to the Puducherry hospital for delivery, it was revealed that Deivanayagan had married for the fifth time.

He also said that if he asked Seenu about the marriage fraud complaint, he would use his servants to kill him. Gayathri said that she has filed a complaint at the police station so that other women do not suffer the same situation as she did. The Puducherry police are planning to call Seenu and interrogate him regarding the marriage fraud complaint.

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