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IndiaRajasthan School Principal Beaten by Wife CCTV Video Footage Submitted to Court

Rajasthan School Principal Beaten by Wife CCTV Video Footage Submitted to Court

Sir my wife is torturing me and I could not beat her every day. That complained of domestic violence and harassment.

Alwar, Rajasthan: Ajit Singh Yadav hails from Bhiwadi in Alwar district of Rajasthan. He is the headmaster of a government school.

Ajit fell in love with Suman and married her seven years ago in Sonipat, Haryana. Desire fell in love and got married. In the beginning their life went well. But day by day I began to realize that there was danger in that beauty.

Suman is a fierce coward and will take anything with anger and start beating him. Thus Ajit has been admitted to the hospital several times and has returned home. Whenever there was a fight, the woman put the latch on the door of Suman’s house and laid the foundation.

The chapati stick and the cricket bat in hand became all the weapons to beat Ajit. If nothing is found then holding the husband’s hair and banging it on the wall, otherwise kicking the weedy battlefield.

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Because the wife’s audacity was increasing day by day. Ajit could not cope with that. He went straight to the police without hesitation to step on the body.

Sir my wife is torturing me and I could not beat her every day. That complained of domestic violence and harassment.

But the police did not take Ajit Singh complaint seriously. But Ajit continued to lodge a complaint with the police. At one point, bored Ajit decided to go to court without talking to the police.

But will the evidence speak for itself in court? No one in the family was going to say in our favor, so he began to gather evidence, thinking that we could show him the appropriate evidence in court.

The only major source is the wife attacking herself. But Ajit fitted hidden cameras inside the house without his wife’s knowledge as he was knocking on the door and no one outside was likely to know about it.

As usual the wife showed her self. The editor-in-chief also recorded on CCTV various assaults on cricket bats, Puri sticks and other weapons. He took the evidence and went to court. Showed the video to the judge

The judge went to see the video footage. The court itself was shocked to see the video. He ordered a coastal inquiry and action in this regard.

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In the end, the judge ordered protection for Ajit, who was being tortured daily by his wife. This is the CCTV footage that is going viral on the internet.

Commenting on this, Ajit Singh Yadav said: – I endured violence with the dignity of work in mind. But now that my wife has crossed all boundaries I have taken refuge in court.

I never shot Sumana Kain and never took the law into my own hands. I am a teacher. If a teacher raises his hand against a woman and takes the law into his own hands, it is against Indian culture and her position.

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