IndiaRamanathapuram Teacher Ramachandran Selected for National Good Writer Award

Ramanathapuram Teacher Ramachandran Selected for National Good Writer Award

National Award for Teachers: President Draupadi Murmu presents National Awards to 46 teachers on September 5.

National Award for Teachers 2022: Primary school teacher Ramachandran has received the National Award for Teachers for the year 2022, the only teacher from Tamil Nadu. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan rose to become the President of India after serving as a teacher to students. His birthday, September 5, is celebrated as Teachers’ Day every year to honor his work. After this, the National Good Teacher Award is given on this day by the central government to the teachers who excel in teaching in the country.

All the teachers selected for this award are presented by the President at the Vigyan Bhavan (Science House) in Delhi every year on 5th September. Accordingly, the selection of qualified teachers for the current year’s National Good Teacher Award was underway. It is customary for the respective state governments to nominate the eligible teachers among the teachers who have applied for the award. In that way, the Selection Committee of the School Education Department recommended 6 teachers for the National Good Teacher Award.

The interview test for them was conducted through video screening in the presence of a separate judge at the national level. From this, Ramanathapuram district teacher K. Ramachandran has been selected for the 2022 National Good Teacher Award.

Declining representation of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu’s representation in the award list is decreasing year by year. In 2020, teachers Saraswati and Dilip won the award. In 2021, two teachers, Asha Devi and Lalita, have been awarded, but only one teacher from Tamil Nadu has been selected for the National Good Teacher Award in 2022.

Who is this Ramachandran?

Keezambal village is in Pokalur union of Ramanathapuram district. K. Ramachandran is working as an intermediate teacher in the Panchayat Union Primary School here.

Help during covid

Education of marginalized children studying in government schools has been blocked during the Corona period. It was teacher Ramachandran who decided to teach them online and bought them cell phones at his own expense. He is providing coaching for TNPSC competitive exam to the graduates in the village. Through this, he is trying to make the youth of the village government employees.

Separate YouTube page for elementary school

In the name of Students Skills, he has started a separate account for Keezambal Panchayat Union Primary School on YouTube and is bringing out the individual skills of the students. He is inculcating the importance of Thirukkural, the ancient and proud name of Tamils, among the students. He teaches thirukkural to primary school students and makes them memorize kuralas. Similarly, he is also teaching special subjects such as numeracy and writing under government schemes and uploading them on the YouTube page.

Congratulations are pouring in from various quarters for Ramachandran, who won the National Good Writer Award.

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