Thursday, June 30, 2022
IndiaRussian media reported that "World War III has begun" when the Russian...

Russian media reported that “World War III has begun” when the Russian Moskva warship Sinks

Russia's flagship warship Moscow sank in the Black Sea yesterday.

Moscow: Russia is on the 52nd day of the Ukraine war. Russia says its main warship, the Moskva warship, exploded and ignited in the Black Sea during the war. The Ministry of Defense also said that the ship was stranded on the way to the port and sank at sea and all the passengers were rescued safely.

But the Ukrainian military says it has destroyed Moscow’s Black Sea Fleet’s flagship, Moscow, with its Neptune missile.

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In this case, Russian television reports that what is currently happening is World War III. Russia’s media outlet Russia1 TV says

The war that has been going on for so many days is not a war against Ukraine, it is a war against NATO countries. We must certainly call the intensification of this war after the sinking of the Moscow ship World War III.

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