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IndiaSonia Gandhi Speech say Changes needed in Congress Party at Udaipur Conference

Sonia Gandhi Speech say Changes needed in Congress Party at Udaipur Conference

Sonia Gandhi in Udaipur: Muslims across the country are being persecuted today. They are equal citizens in the country and they have equal rights.

Sonia Gandhi in Udaipur: Addressing a think tank meeting of the Congress party, Congress leader Sonia Gandhi slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government and the BJP.

Speaking on major reforms in the Congress party at the same time, Sonia Gandhi called on the party leaders to “inject new thinking into the Congress through a major joint effort.”

Call for volunteers to strengthen Congress

He said the key aspect of the thinking session was to find the path to success with new determination. The Congress party has given a lot to all of us.

It’s time to dump her and move on. Change is very important. You have to give up your personal interests before the organization. He said the people of the country have high expectations of the Congress again and they should fulfill them.

Every company needs to make changes from time to time not only to survive but also to grow. He has again appealed to party volunteers to strengthen the Congress system as reforms are much needed.

Sonia Gandhi slammed the Modi government, saying the think tank meeting provided a good opportunity to discuss the challenges posed by the BJP and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

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Today Muslims across the country are being persecuted. They are equal citizens in the country and they have equal rights. Today those who belong to the weaker section suffer. Dalits in particular are being punished, he said.

Those who speak out for democracy are being threatened by federal investigative agencies. He slammed the BJP for reducing the role of freedom fighters and glorifying the assassins of Mahatma Gandhi.

The biggest threat to democracy by the BJP

Sonia Gandhi said, “The situation in the country is unprecedented. Today the country is in a different situation. Today there is a great danger before the constitutional institutions. There is a great danger to the diversity of India.”

India’s economy collapses under Modi regime

Sonia Gandhi said that the country’s economy had collapsed during the Modi regime and that India’s economy had continued to decline after the devaluation. He said people have now lost hope that they will not get a job.

Questioning the policy of privatization, Sonia Gandhi said that on the one hand new jobs are not being created and on the other hand government institutions created to contribute to the welfare and development of the people are being sold.

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These fascists came to power in the name of religion

Speaking at a think tank meeting of the Congress party, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gelad said, “Democracy is not important to the BJP.

Saying that such fascists came to power in the name of religion, he targeted Prime Minister Modi, citing recent incidents of communal conflict, saying, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not had the moral courage to appeal for peace in the country. Yes, they do not have the moral courage.” , We are not marketing.

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