IndiaStudent Card Choose student credit card instead of loan and PF money...

Student Card Choose student credit card instead of loan and PF money for your children’s education – will be more beneficial

Student Credit Card: These days the cost of education of children is increasing a lot. From school fees, dress, books to many activities, it is becoming difficult for the parents to bear the expenses. In such a situation, parents either take education loan from the bank or withdraw their PF money. But here we have brought something of great use for you, so that you will not need loan and PF money.

Here we are talking about Student Credit Card. SCC is better than education loan or withdrawing money from PF for children’s education. The option of getting a student credit card is given by many big banks. This includes SBI, HDFC and ICICI Bank, which recommend getting a student credit card, which can be applied for by the parents.

What is Student Credit Card?

Student Credit Card has been introduced for many more expenses ranging from student’s pocket money, month’s expenses, buying necessities in various projects and collecting fees. This can reduce the burden of increasing expenditure on the education of the children on the parents. If you pay on time in this credit card, you do not have to pay any interest. However, it is issued only to students above 18 years of age who are pursuing college or any other technical degree.

How to get card

For student credit card, you can contact by going to SBI, HDFC and ICICI bank. Also, you can visit the official website of these banks. You have to apply for student credit card by going to the bank. Along with this, complete documents will have to be submitted, after which the credit card will be issued by the bank in some time period.

How to apply

You can apply for student credit card both online and offline. To apply for student credit card, you must be a college student and thus your age should be 18 years. However, some companies offering credit cards also demand education loans. If you have an FD in your name, then you can apply for a credit card in its name. Apart from this, your parents can get a student credit card made for you by taking the option of add-on to your existing credit card.

Which documents are required

If you are a student and considering applying for a credit card, then you may need these documents a lot. To apply for the credit card, you will need a birth certificate, college or university ID, PAN card, residential address proof and passport size photograph.

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