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IndiaStudent dies after eating Kasaragod shawarma; 15 people were hospitalized

Student dies after eating Kasaragod shawarma; 15 people were hospitalized

Those who ate shawarma from the cool bar in Cheruvathur felt unwell.

Kasaragod: A student died after eating shawarma. The deceased has been identified as Devananda, 16, of Pilikode. About 15 people were taken to the government hospital in Cheruvathur and later to the Kanhangad district hospital.

On April 29, those who ate shawarma from the cool bar in Cheruvathur felt unwell. Many people sought treatment at various hospitals on Saturday and Sunday due to fever and diarrhea.

An examination by the health department found that the people who ate the shawarma were suffering from physical ailments. Cheruvathur panchayat president C Krishnan said that the cool bar was closed. Prameela said. Prameela said other shops would also be inspected. Food samples were collected from the store.

The Ideal Cool Bar in Cheruvathur was closed by the health department. Fearing public outcry, Coolbar was placed under police guard. There were stones against the coolbar.

This cool bar is located near the Cheruvathur bus stand. After the tuition class, a group of children came to Coolbar. The children were admitted to various hospitals in the evening. The sample was sent for testing to see if the meat used in the shawarma was stale.

Defendant gets interim bail in case of beating of sisters CH, a native of Tirurangadi, Malappuram. The High Court granted interim bail to Ibrahim Shabir. Bail is till May 19. If the accused is arrested during this period, he will be released on bail.

On April 16, Ibrahim Shabeer beat up sisters Hasna Aziz and sister Hamna Aziz on the National Highway in Thenipalam Panampally. The court will hear detailed arguments on Shabir’s anticipatory bail in the case after the summer recess.

Shabeer, who was traveling in a car, was questioned by his sisters, who were traveling on a dangerous scooter. The car overtook the scooter on the left side at excessive speed. The sisters then honked and drove off and reacted against the dangerous driving.

However, Shabeer’s car, which was following the sisters, crossed the scooter and stopped. After this, Shabeer got out of the car and started beating the girls in the middle of the road. Video footage of the beating was also released. Shabeer had allegedly slapped him five times in the face.

The sisters had lodged a complaint but the police tried to settle the case. Shabir was initially charged with trivial offenses. He was arrested and released on bail. Later, when the incident became news, the police recorded the detailed statement of the complainants. Shabeer had approached the high court seeking bail after more charges were leveled against him.

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