Thursday, August 11, 2022
IndiaSudan clashes Darfur between tribes two groups 168 killed

Sudan clashes Darfur between tribes two groups 168 killed

At least 98 people have been injured in clashes between the two sides in Sudan.

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Cairo: Sudan is located in Northeast Africa. The country has been in a state of civil war since 2003, centered on the province of Durbar.

Was involved in the uprising against the Sudanese government, which held large parts of the province of Durbar.

Meanwhile, clashes erupted between two groups of tribes living in Genina, the capital of Durbar province in western Sudan.

An altercation between individuals on both sides erupted into a feud. People from both sides attacked each other with sharp weapons. Houses were looted.

At least 168 people have been killed in clashes over the past two days. Also, more than 98 people were seriously injured in the clash.

The Sudanese government has also sent top officials to bring the situation under control in the province.


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