IndiaSuzuki signs deal with Japanese SkyDrive to flying Cars Project in India

Suzuki signs deal with Japanese SkyDrive to flying Cars Project in India

India's Suzuki Motor Company has teamed up with Japan's Skydrive to manufacture flying cars.

Suzuki, India’s leading automaker, has signed a new deal with SkyDrive, a Japanese carmaker.

The joint venture said the two companies would work together to create new markets in India and have entered into an agreement with a Japanese automaker to manufacture flying vehicles with automobiles, motorcycles and outboard motors.

Launched with the goal of producing flying cars in 2018, Japan’s Skydrive is currently developing a two – passenger flying car. The company recently unveiled the zero-mass, battery-powered flying car ‘SkyDrive’ at an auto show in Las Vegas, USA.

But no announcement has been made as to whether it will partner with Suzuki to manufacture this model in India.

Suzuki recently announced plans to invest $ 1.37 billion in its Indian plant to manufacture electric vehicles and batteries.

Suzuki Motors is confident that the demand for electric vehicles will increase in the future, making it the base for electric vehicles in India.

It was noted that sales of electric vehicles in the country have tripled in the last year and the rapid growth of local electric vehicles and supply chains is expected as India aims to achieve zero air mass by 2070.

So Suzuki is trying in many ways to raise the target of electric vehicle production. In an earlier report, Suzuki had predicted that the air taxi market would reach $ 1,700 trillion by 2040.

An earlier report said the company was trying to improve and diversify its electric vehicle targets. At a time when investments were expected for commercial production, Suzuki has joined hands with it.

Suzuki plans to take to the skies with two-wheeler and four-wheeler production in India under a flying car manufacturing deal. If the plan materializes, Suzuki is expected to become the number one player in the Indian automotive market, as noted in last year’s report.

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