IndiaTaanakkaran Review: Vikram Prabhu A True Story of Police Training Academy

Taanakkaran Review: Vikram Prabhu A True Story of Police Training Academy

There is a no doubt about Taanakkaran movie will be a milestone for Vikram Prabhu's Cinema career.

Vikram Prabhu, a man who grows up with a dream of joining the police force, has made this film focusing on the challenges he faces in school after passing the exam and joining the training school. The film takes the audience to a new level of experience as it is set in a field that Tamil cinema has never seen before.

The film sheds light on the politics within the training school, the power struggle within the police, and the problems faced by those who want to act honestly.

The roles given to the actors in the film like MS Bhaskar, Bose Venkat have developed into an example of how a great film should be.

From the beginning of the title card of the film to the reason why the police were created, to the verse in the climax where the child born to the British domination hysteria speaks of this lack of policing, the film emphasizes the visualization of the system flaws in the police.

The entire film is recorded as the question of a police officer who is a former police officer as the director of the film is a Tamil who criticizes the procedures within the police which are followed without knowing what is going on from the khaki costume to the police parade.

Starring of Taanakkaran movie 2022 is Vikram Prabhu as Arivazhagan (Arivu), Anjali Nair as Eeshwari, Lal as Eeswara Moorthy, M. S. Bhaskar as Sellakkanu, Madhusudhan Rao as Muthupandi, Bose Venkat as Inspector Mathi, Pavel Navageethan as Kadar Basha, Nitish Veera as Counsellor Sahul Bhai, Livingston as Rajendran, Arivazhagan’s Father

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