IndiaTaliban Says Women are not allowed to fly alone on the plane

Taliban Says Women are not allowed to fly alone on the plane

The Taliban government has banned women from flying alone in Afghanistan.

Kabul: The Taliban government took over last August after international forces withdrew from Afghanistan. The rights of women were denied when the Taliban were in power from 1996 to 2001.

Women were barred from studying, going to work, and wearing whatever clothes they wanted. In this situation, the Taliban promised that when the Taliban regained power, women would be given the opportunity to study and go to work.

But, seven months after the Taliban came to power, the schools were closed within hours of reopening on the 23rd.

The Taliban government has announced that all girls’ high schools will be closed until further notice. No reason has been given for this.

Following this restriction, the Taliban government imposed new restrictions on women. That is, the Taliban government has ordered that women should not travel on planes without the assistance of men.

The Taliban have ordered airlines not to allow women to travel alone on domestic or international flights. Following this, the women who were to travel alone at the Kabul airport were sent back.

Human rights groups and women’s rights groups have condemned the order. No information has been released on whether the order applies to unsupported women or foreign women in Afghanistan.

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