IndiaThanjavur 3 students admitted to hospital after eating shawarma

Thanjavur 3 students admitted to hospital after eating shawarma

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Thanjavur: Three college students who ate shawarma near Orathanadu in Thanjavur district have been admitted to hospital with vomiting and dizziness. Recently, a student in Kerala died after eating shawarma due to ill health.

Second-year veterinary students at a veterinary college near Orathanadu ate shawarma at a fast food restaurant near a petrol punk on the day of the incident.

So the students had severe allergies at night and physical abuse. The three students were immediately admitted to the Tanjore Medical College Hospital. There they are being treated.

Orathanadu police have registered a case and are investigating. The death of a schoolgirl who ate shawarma in Kerala has sent shockwaves across the country. In this situation, it has come as a great shock that the incidence of health problems due to eating shawarma is increasing in Tamil Nadu.

A team led by Food Safety Officer Jayaram inspected 52 shops in the Madurai district yesterday. Then 10 kg of old chicken was confiscated and notices were sent to 5 shops.

Food safety officials also warned that old chicken curries should not be used in chicken shawarma shops and cooked food should not be kept in the refrigerator.

It is noteworthy that an incident like this has taken place in Tanjore while the authorities are inspecting the shawarma shops in various districts in Tamil Nadu.

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