Thursday, August 11, 2022
IndiaThree Sisters, Two of them Pregnant, Two Children Suicide in Rajasthan

Three Sisters, Two of them Pregnant, Two Children Suicide in Rajasthan

The incident in which three sisters with young children committed suicide by jumping into a well has caused shock.

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Jaipur: Sisters Meena (25), Mamta (23) and Kamlis (20) hail from Shabia village in Jaipur district of Rajasthan. All three are married to siblings from the same family. Two of the sisters have children.

The older sister is 4 years old and the second sister is 27 days old. Meanwhile, the older sister and last sister are pregnant.

Meanwhile, the 3 sisters have been tortured into asking for dowry from her husbands and husbands’ house. Sometimes the sisters are severely beaten. As a result, all 3 sisters are in a state of extreme depression.

Meanwhile, the three sisters, along with their 2 young children, left home on the 25th. They are looking for all the relatives of the suspects as they did not return home late. They lodged a complaint with the police.

In this situation, after 4 days of intensive search work, they visited the dilapidated well area near the village yesterday. At that time, it was revealed that there were 2 infants and 3 sisters who jumped into the well and committed suicide.

Police and relatives were shocked to find 5 people lying dead in the well. Following this, the bodies of 5 people were recovered and sent for autopsy.

It was revealed that the 3 sisters had committed suicide by jumping into a well with their 2 children as their husbands and their families were harassing them by asking for dowry. The news that 2 out of 3 sisters are pregnant is heartbreaking for everyone.

Before committing suicide, one of the sisters, Camlis, went to her wats-up status, and we go, be happy, because our husbands’ family was responsible for our death.

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It is better to die once than to die day by day. Therefore, we have decided to die together and we hope the three of us will be together in the next life.

We do not want to die but our husbands and family are harassing us. Do not blame our parents for our death. The incident in which 3 sisters committed suicide with their two infants due to dowry abuse has caused great tragedy.

Police have arrested the husbands of 3 sisters who committed suicide following the incident and their parents and relatives are conducting a serious investigation.


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