IndiaTomato fever spreads in Kerala! What are the symptoms and treatment?

Tomato fever spreads in Kerala! What are the symptoms and treatment?

Tomato fever spreads in Kerala! What are the symptoms and treatment?

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Kollam, Kerala: While fears about the corona virus have not yet been completely eradicated from the population, tomato fever has now been diagnosed in some people in Kerala, causing great controversy.

We have not yet been able to completely eradicate the corona virus that entered India in 2020. We have just kept the virus at bay due to precautionary measures including vaccine works.

As the incidence of corona decreases, people are slowly returning to normal. Meanwhile, in some districts of Kerala, a virus called tomato virus has been reported.

The new virus is said to be spreading in several districts of Kerala including Kollam, Aryankavu, Anchal and Neduvathur. As a result, many children under the age of five are affected and admitted to hospitals for treatment.

Children infected with the virus have a number of symptoms, including fever, body aches, and discoloration of the limbs, and it is said to be a new virus that spreads during the summer, like measles.

State health officials are camping in the affected areas and taking preventive measures. So far 82 people in Kerala are said to have contracted the tomato flu.

At the same time, there are fears among the public about the spread of tomato fever in the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. However, Health Secretary Radhakrishnan said there were no cases of tomato fever in Tamil Nadu. Well, let’s see what this tomato fever means.

Tomato fever is a type of fever that is not easily detected. However, it is not clear whether this is a type of viral fever, chikungunya, or dengue fever.

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The virus is most prevalent in Kollam, Neduvathur, Anchal and Aryankavu districts. As a precautionary measure, Anganwadi Centers in Kerala have been closed and authorities are conducting awareness campaigns in villages.

Symptoms of tomato fever

People with this disease can get blisters the size of almost a tomato and skin irritation. Also, dehydration of the tongue can occur. These are the main symptoms.

Some patients reported that the worms came out of the blisters on their body. In addition, high fever, body aches, joint swelling, fatigue, blisters on the tomato, and mouth irritation are the main symptoms.

Treatment method

If the child at home has any such symptoms he should go to the nearest hospital immediately. approach. People with the disease are advised to consume plenty of fluids. The rash should not be scratched.

People need to maintain distance from the affected person. It is important for the patient and those around him to maintain cleanliness. The fever, in many cases, lasts for a week, so proper rest is required.

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