IndiaTomb of Sand Novel Geetanjali Shree is first Indian language writer to...

Tomb of Sand Novel Geetanjali Shree is first Indian language writer to win the International Booker Prize

Hindi writer Geetanjali Shree has won the prestigious International Booker Prize for Literature. Thus, he became the first Indian language writer to win the International Booker Prize.

The award was presented to Tomb of Sand, an English translation of his novel Ret Samadhi. It is a family story based on the partition of India. The novel follows an 80 – year – old woman who lives after her husband’s death.

Including a Rs.50 Lakhs prize is the International Booker Prize. It is also the first Hindi language book to be sent to the selection committee from the list of books nominated for this award.

“I did not expect to get the Booker Prize. I do not think I will win this,” said Geetanjali Shree. “It’s a great recognition. I feel happy, proud and humble,” she said.

She was speaking after accepting the award, according to the PTI news agency. He also said that he is happy to be the first Hindi book to win this award.

She added, “Behind me and this book, there is a rich and rich literary tradition of Hindi and other South Asian languages. World literature will be enriched by knowing some of the best writers in these languages.”

The novel ‘Ret Samadhi’ was translated into English by the famous translator Daisy Rockwell. Prize money will be distributed equally to the writer and translator.

This book is published by Rajkamal Prakashan. The English translation of this novel was published by Tilde Axis Publishing.

The novel has been described by the panel of judges as a “unique novel”.

The International Booker Prize is awarded each year for a book translated into English and published in the UK or Ireland.

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Geetanjali Shree, who has been writing for three decades

Geetanjali Shree has been active in the field of literature for the last 3 decades. His first book, Mai, was published in the 1990s by Hamara Shahar Us Baras.

Since then, ‘Trohit’ and ‘Khali Jaga’ (khali jagah) have also been published. Geetanjali Shree has written not only novels but also various short stories. His book ‘Mai’ was nominated for a ‘Crossword’ award.

His books have been translated into English, French and German.

Translator Daisy Rockwell lives in the United States. Upendranath holds a Ph.D.

He has translated books by authors Upendranath Ash, Khadija Mastur, Bishma Sahni, Usha Priyamvada and Krishna Sopti.

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