Thursday, August 11, 2022
IndiaUdaipur Tailor Kanhaiya lal killers thrashed during Jaipur court appearance, Video

Udaipur Tailor Kanhaiya lal killers thrashed during Jaipur court appearance, Video

Four accused related to the murder of Taylor Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur, Rajasthan have been arrested. These four accused have been sent to NIA custody till July 12.

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Jaipur: The four accused in the Tailor Kanayal murder case in Udaipur, Rajasthan were brought before the court today by the NIA amid security arrangements.

When they were presented in court, the angry mob attacked the accused. The court ordered the four accused to remain in NIA custody until July 12. Earlier, a court in Udaipur sent the two accused to one-day traffic remand on Friday.

The accused were beaten while being brought before the NIA court in Jaipur. He was brought to court after heavy security arrangements. But beyond that, the accused had to bear the wrath of the people. The first japa was done continuously for about 5 hours.

They had to close the courtroom door when the lawyer entered the court to ask for the gallows, but when he came out he was beaten with sandals, slippers and sticks and assaulted by people as they took him away in a police car.

A video of the accused being beaten has also been released. As they were loaded into the police vehicles, they were beaten and kicked by those behind them while they were under police protection. In the images, the accused is also seen taking him by the neck and hitting him from behind.

However, the four accused were put into the police car one by one. The police somehow dragged them into a car and sent them away. Even before the accused were presented, the lawyers present shouted slogans demanding the execution of the accused .

Two accused , Mohsin and Asif, were later arrested in the Udaipur incident. These two main criminals were involved in conspiracies and crimes together with Kaus and Riaz. Two cyclists were present on the day of the incident and if they were caught they would be removed from the crowd.

If the accused bike won’t start, he gets on it and rides. Both accused had full knowledge about the planning of the incident. Kanhaiya Lal had planned to enter the house and kill him if Kanhaiya Lal did not open the store.

The two accused in the Kannayal murder case are in Ajmer High Security Jail. The court remanded the two accused to one day of traffic custody after bringing them before the Udaipur court on Friday. Along with this, the DJ Tribunal in Udaipur handed over the Kanayyalal case to the NIA on Friday.

On June 28, Tailor was hacked to death in Udaipur. After this incident, there was tension in various parts of Rajasthan. On the same day, two criminals were arrested by the police. According to reports, Kanhai Lal’s mobile is published in support of Nubur Sharma.

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As a result, Riaz and Ghaus Muhammad killed him. The Rajasthan government has formed a special investigation team to investigate the incident. The court then turned the case over to the NIA.


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