Sunday, July 3, 2022
IndiaUP Govt ordered Face Mask Compulsory in Six Districts near by Delhi

UP Govt ordered Face Mask Compulsory in Six Districts near by Delhi

The new order has come into effect in Gautam Buddha Nagar, Ghaziabad, Hapur, Meerut, Bulandshahr, Baghpat and Lucknow districts.

Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh government has ordered the wearing of masks in six adjoining districts as the incidence of corona in Delhi is on the rise.

The spread of corona in India has started increasing in the last 2 days. Today the vulnerability has doubled compared to yesterday. Especially in Delhi the spread has been steadily increasing for the last 4 days.

This has led to fears among the public as to whether the 4th wave of corona spread has occurred. While the impact has been on a downward spiral for the past few weeks, health officials are currently investigating what is increasing.

The Delhi government is deliberating on what kind of restrictions can be imposed following the growing spread. In this situation, wearing a face mask has been made compulsory in 6 districts of Uttar Pradesh around Delhi.

Accordingly, the new order has come into effect in Gautam Buddha Nagar, Ghaziabad, Hapur, Meerut, Bulandshahr, Baghpat and Lucknow districts.

Earlier, the Uttar Pradesh government had announced several relaxations, including the requirement to wear a mask as corona exposure was reduced.

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The IIT study reports that the fourth wave of cyclone in India will occur in June, as the Govt-19 impact in some cities in India has started to rise again. Speaking on the fourth wave, Dr. Kagandeep Kung, a professor at CMC College, Vellore and a leading microbiologist in the country, made key remarks on the fourth wave.

He said, “The claim that there will be a fourth wave in India is an exaggeration in the current context.

Mutant virus spread is normal. This cannot be avoided in an environment where people are going abroad. At the same time, there is no need to worry about the XE type corona. Unlike types BA.1 and BA.2, XE infection is not a serious infection. There is no need to fear that all vulnerabilities are XE type. ”

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