Tuesday, June 28, 2022
IndiaUS President Calls India Shaky in Russia battles against Ukraine

US President Calls India Shaky in Russia battles against Ukraine

Russia has not stopped the war, although the United States and European nations have called for an end to the war. Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that he will not end the war until the Ukrainian army drops its weapons.

There is no point in calling on Ukrainian President Zelensky to negotiate. Meanwhile, the US and European countries have imposed sanctions on Russia.

Organizations of various countries, including European countries and NATO countries, are also against Russia. Similarly, India, Japan and Australia are in the quad system. Apart from India, other countries are against Russia.

India UN Walked out without voting in favor of Ukraine in a vote in the Assembly.

Russia is unable to sell crude oil due to the embargo. Thus decided to sell at an affordable price.

India has decided to buy Russia’s cheap crude oil. The United States is dissatisfied with this.

The United States feels that India is alone when all its allies are against Russia.

A meeting of US business leaders was held in Washington yesterday. Joe Biden attended. Speaking at the time, Joe Biden said, “NATO and the Pacific are united.

But India is trembling at some point in the quad system. But Japan is increasingly opposed. The same is true of Australia.

Putin thinks NATO could split. Instead, NATO has never been more united in its entire history than it is today. “

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