IndiaWhat Have to Do Before Selling Your Android or iPhone Smartphones?

What Have to Do Before Selling Your Android or iPhone Smartphones?

When you sell a used smartphone to someone else, it is safe for us to delete the important data in it. If you are familiar with an old Android smartphone, selling or exchanging it with someone you need to do a few basic things first.

You need to back up all the important data in the mobile and delete the information in it completely. There are various ways to back up your data.

You must first sync your Google Account. To do this, go to Settings and select Account, then select Email ID and select Account Sync option. Then click on the three-point menu at the top and click on ‘Sync Now’. It syncs data from Calendar, Contacts and other Google apps. Next you need to back up the data of the personal apps,

Chats and other information in apps like Facebook and Instagram are all stored in the cloud. But we have to store it in the cloud on the end-to-end encrypted WhatsApp application. To do this in WhatsApp you need to go to Settings / Chat / Backup.

Under ‘Backup to Google Drive’ it will say ‘Never’. Then select ‘Only When I Tape Backup’ and click on the Main Backup button.

Images, messages and group messages in your WhatsApp will then be backed up and stored in Google Drive. Check whether the files of games and other apps are backed up offline or online otherwise the setting should be done on mobile.

The easiest way to do this is to connect your Android mobile phone to your computer, select File Transfer USB and copy all the information in the internal storage to the computer.

This includes DCIM, Documents, Downloads, Movies, Music, etc. After backing up all the data the mobile needs to be reset. Go to Settings, search for ‘Reset’ in the search area above and click on Reset or Factory Reset.

When the reset is complete, your phone will be restarted and you will be asked to select the language on the screen.

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