IndiaWhat is Agnipath (Agneepath) Scheme 2022 Agniveer Apply Online Application,Violence Updates

What is Agnipath (Agneepath) Scheme 2022 Agniveer Apply Online Application,Violence Updates

What is Agnipath (Agneepath) Military Recruitment Scheme 2022 Updates like Age Limit, Online Application, Last Date Details. Why People are Protesting in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana and more states against Agnipath Scheme?

Agnipath (Agneepath) Scheme for Military Recruitment: The Union Cabinet has approved the Recruitment Scheme for young attractive Indians to serve in the Armed Forces, for which a scheme called Agnipath (Agneepath) has been initiated. Young people selected under the Agnipath (Agneepath) program will be classified as Agniveer.

The Armed Forces are expected to recruit 46,000 firefighters this year under this program. With the announcement of this Agnibad project, the young people had the opportunity to serve the country for 4 years.

In this article, we explained in detail about the fire plan, the age limit and how to recruit through the fire plan, salary and more.

What is the Agnipath (Agneepath) program?

Project Agnipath (Agneepath) is a step towards a sea change in the recruitment of 46,000 soldiers into the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force.

Agnibad’s recruitment program is an alternative attempt to revive the armed forces. Admission under the Agnipath (Agneepath) scheme is initially 4 years. During these 4 years, recruits will be trained in the skills required by the Armed Forces.

Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar said the new program would also include women in the armed forces. However, the inclusion of women in the program will depend on the needs of the departments involved, officials said.

Agnipath (Agneepath) Project – Latest Updates

Revised age limit: The maximum age limit for firefighters has been changed to 23 years old.

Announcement: Army Major General Manoj Pandey said, “Agnipath (Agneepath) 2022 recruitment process will start soon. Announcement will be made on website within next 2 days .”


Training: According to Major General Manoj Pandey, the first Agniware training center will open in December (2022).

Agnipath training

Tens of thousands of people in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and parts of Haryana are voicing their concerns demanding the project’s immediate withdrawal. Protests continued for a third day on Friday in several parts of the country against the government’s Agnipod recruitment drive.

Intensive planning aimed at recruiting large numbers of soldiers in just four years will undermine the professionalism of the army, the morale of the regiment and its combat prowess. The war, which started in Bihar, has now spread to Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh.

Firefighters surrounded the Howrah Bridge, leading to violence in other parts of West Bengal.

The NER 34 Express train was canceled due to violent protests, two trains were stopped before departure and 19 trains were stopped on the track.

There have been widespread protests against the “Agnipath (Agneepath)” project in Rohtak and other parts of the state, with farmers’ unions and KAP panchayats holding dharnas.

Gurgaon has issued restraining orders under S-144 CrPC. A total of 200 rail services were affected due to the ongoing fighting; 35 train services across the country have been canceled and 13 train services have been suspended.

What is Agniveer?

Young people selected under the Agnipath (Agneepath) program will be classified as Agniveet. Firefighters will have the opportunity to apply for permanent recruitment into the Armed Forces after 4 years.

Young people aged 17.5 to 23 (revised upper age limit) rely on the existence of trained personnel to improve national security against patriotism, teamwork, improving physical fitness, loyalty to the country and external threats. Internal accidents and natural disasters can become a firefighter thanks to the fire plan.

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Recruitment Firefighters 2022 for 46000 Firefighters

Conducting Body Indian Army
Name of scheme Agneepath Scheme
Number of Vacancies 46,000
Online Registration To be notified
Area of Service Indian Army, Indian Navy and India Air Force
Time span 4 years
Candidates shortlisted called Agniveers
Age limit 17.5-23 years
Salary 1st year- Rs. 30,000 per month
2nd year- Rs. 33,000 per month
3rd year- Rs. 36,500 per month
4th year- Rs. 40,000 per month
Official website,, and

Agnipath (Agneepath) Project – Summary

The Agnipath (Agneepath) Project has been approved for the recruitment of 46,000 troops into the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. Below is a summary of the Agnipath (Agneepath) program. Full details will be revealed soon.

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