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IndiaWhat is Earth Day? Why We Celebrates on April 22 Every Year

What is Earth Day? Why We Celebrates on April 22 Every Year

We have been observing April 22nd as World Earth Day since 1970, with the aim of emphasizing the importance of the earth's environment and preventing pollution.

We have been observing April 22nd as World Earth Day since 1970, with the aim of emphasizing the importance of the earth’s environment and preventing pollution.

Studies show that the earth is the only place in the world where humans can live. Such a wonderful earth, due to various human activities, the environment is affected, the air is polluted and is losing its uniqueness.

If this is the case, scientists say, the existence of world life on this planet will be in question. Although it may take billions of years, the chances here are high and the danger here is that our posterity will have to face that dilemma.

In that sense, we have been observing April 22nd as World Earth Day since 1970, with the aim of emphasizing the earth’s environmental importance and preventing pollution. In 1969, a UNESCO conference was held in San Francisco, USA. Attended the meeting was John McConnell.

He was the voice of world peace. He told the gathering that “there is a need to create awareness among the people to enhance the beauty of this planet, which is inhabited by humans and other creatures, and to protect the earth’s environment from being degraded and polluted.” He also stressed the need to observe a day called ‘Earth Day’ every year for this purpose.

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On April 22, 1970, Gallard Nelson, an environmentalist and member of the upper house of the United States at the time, called for the spread of environmental knowledge among the world’s population.

On this day, the northern hemisphere meets spring and the southern hemisphere meets autumn. With that in mind, Collard Nelson accepted the invitation and 2 crore people attended the event. We have been observing April 22nd as Earth Day for the first time since then. 175 countries around the world observe this day.

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