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What is the matter of offering CM post to BJP MLA for Rs 2,500 crore?

BJP MLA Basanagouda Patil Yatnal’s claim of getting an offer to make Chief Minister for Rs 2,500 crore in Karnataka has created a stir in the politics of the state .

After the MLA’s claim, the Congress has dominated the Karnataka government and demanded a thorough investigation by registering an FIR in the matter.

Similarly, the Congress has talked about taking up the matter with the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).

Yatnal, MLA from Vijayapura, said at a party program in Belagavi on Friday, “In politics you will find many such thieves who will claim to get you a ticket. They will take you to Delhi and will ask to introduce you to Sonia Gandhi or JP Nadda.”

He claimed, “Such people have done all this to me too. Some people of Delhi told me that if you give Rs 2,500 crore, we will make you the chief minister.”

MLA Yatnal said, “I asked one of those who offered to get the chief minister’s post whether he knew how much Rs 2,500 crore is and whether he can be kept in a room or godown.”

“There are some fraudulent companies who claim to get tickets. There are fraudsters everywhere. I was telling someone that assembly elections are coming and such people will keep coming,” he said.

MLA Yatnal said, “Being a worker in Vajpayee’s (Atal Bihari Vajpayee) government with Advani (LK), Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley, I was told that I would be made the chief minister, for which I would be provided Rs 2500 crore. Have to do it. They told me that they will take me to Nadda and Amit Shah’s house.”

“Those who were ready to give 50-100 crores are also being made ministers,” the MLA said.

MLA Yatnal said, “Former Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa had thought that what would happen to my son (Vijendra) if Yatnal was made a minister. In such a situation, he did the work of ending my career. He did not do my work and did my letters.” Didn’t answer.”

“I had promised Yeddyurappa that I would not visit his office or residence till he was the chief minister. Later Basavaraj Bommai called me as the chief minister,” the MLA said.

After this claim of the BJP MLA, the Congress became an attacker on the government. Karnataka Congress President DK Shivakumar said, “Yatnal is a former minister, so his claim should not be ignored. A case should be registered taking it seriously. Congress demands a probe into the matter. It is a national issue.” There should be a debate in the country on this.”

After this, the Karnataka BJP demanded the Congress to give proof of this.

Asking BJP’s evidence, DK Shivakumar said that when everything is available with Basanagouda Patil Yatnal, what more evidence does he (BJP) need? We are not asking for anyone’s resignation, but the BJP should ask who had offered the MLA the chief minister’s post in exchange for Rs 2,500 crore.

He said that Congress will now take up this issue with the ACB. This is a very serious matter in the politics of the state.

After the statement of the BJP MLA, the BJP government of the state is under question.

Last month, Rural Development Minister KS Eshwarappa was forced to resign after demanding 40 per cent commission from the contractor and committing suicide.

Former minister Ramesh Jarkiholi had to step down following allegations of a ‘job-for-sex’ scam.

Now Higher Education Minister Dr CN Ashwath Narayan has been accused of corruption in Police Sub Inspector (SI) recruitment.

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