IndiaWhatsApp Tricks: Keep these things in mind while using WhatsApp, you will...

WhatsApp Tricks: Keep these things in mind while using WhatsApp, you will not be a victim of hackers

Those who use WhatsApp should take care of the special things. Many times users make some such mistakes, due to which they may have to face problems later.

Most of the people use WhatsApp . It’s easy to use. The popular instant messaging app allows the user not only to message. Rather, through this you can also make voice and video calls. It can also be used to make online payments as well.

People use this app for office work along with staying connected with their friends. In this, many important things of people’s work are saved. Because of this, you may have to face many big problems due to falling of your WhatsApp account in the wrong hands.

Many people make such mistakes knowing everything, for which they have to bear the heavy consequences later. If you also use WhatsApp then read this article. Here are some things that you can keep in mind to secure your WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp users keep these things in mind lock your whatsapp app.

Nowadays most of the people keep their smartphone locked and they feel that their WhatsApp is safe just by doing so. Believing this is their biggest mistake. They should also keep it locked on WhatsApp. With this, if any other person uses their phone for any work, then they will not be able to chat by opening their WhatsApp app. You can lock it by going to WhatsApp settings.

Do not Send Whatsapp Code to Anyone

To log in to WhatsApp on any smartphone, a verification code is sent to your mobile number. Without that the device will not be logged in. This code is of 6 digits. If someone is logging in with your account, then this code will come to your number. You should not share this code with anyone. Through this code, he will easily open your WhatsApp account in his phone.

Enable two-factor verification

WhatsApp user should enable two-step verification . It helps to protect against hackers. This requires one more step to be followed to log in to the WhatsApp account. For this, go to Settings and go to Account and then click on Two-Step Verification option there. Now you have to set a 6 digit code, which will be asked while registering for WhatsApp.

Keep this Mode off

If your phone is facing the problem of storage full due to WhatsApp or you do not want to save every photo that comes on WhatsApp in the phone, then you can disable the media auto saving mode. For this, go to the settings of the app and click on Data and Storage. Then by going to the media auto download option, turn off the toggle of all the options under When Using Mobile Data, When Connected WiFi. Due to this, the media coming on WhatsApp will not be downloaded automatically and saved in your phone.

Make these changes in group settings

If you do not want everyone to be able to add you to a WhatsApp group, then you can avoid this by changing the group settings. For this, go to Settings and go to Account. Then select the privacy option. Now go to Groups and select My Contacts or My Contacts Except. Keep in mind that if you select Everyone, everyone will be able to add you to the group.

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