IndiaWhy Electric Vehicles Scooters, Bikes, Cars Catches Fire? What is the Reason?...

Why Electric Vehicles Scooters, Bikes, Cars Catches Fire? What is the Reason? How to Prevent EV Battery Fire?

Why Electric Vehicles Catches fire suddenly? What is the Reason? How to Prevent from this issue?

Rising petrol and diesel prices are driving people towards electric vehicles. E-bikes and cars have become popular among the people.

As companies move towards competitive electric vehicle production, reports of electric vehicles burning here and there have caused tension.

The burning of electric vehicles in succession has come as a shock. What are the reasons for the burning about electric vehicles really?

A father and his 13-year-old daughter were killed when a charging electric scooter exploded in the Chinna Allapuram area of ​​Vellore district two days ago, sending shock and shock.

An electric bike worth Rs.90,000 bought by Devaraj seven months ago caught fire on the 28th in Narasingapuram village near Perambakkam in Tiruvallur district.

An electric scooter parked near Manapparai in Trichy district suddenly smoked.

It is no exaggeration to say that subsequent incidents like this have made those who use electric vehicles and those who are thinking of buying them think a little.

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When asked about this, industry experts say that the future is definitely the era of e-vehicles and that such incidents are no exception but an example.

They say the E-bikes are new to the market and that it will take a couple of years for proper guidelines and awareness to emerge, which both sellers and customers need to understand.

At present, e-bikes are mostly imported from abroad and dealerships that sell them for Rs.5 lakhs.

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Customers are advised to strictly follow the guidelines of the companies concerned from battery charging to maintenance when buying an E-bike and it is essential to know about the use of electric vehicle before purchasing.

They also say that companies should look into the type of battery they use when purchasing electric vehicles, and suggest that quality chargers be used to control the sudden increase in electrical overload, which can lead to leakage in the cells when its temperature is too high or too high.

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