IndiaWill Work From Home end by March? What IT Companies Planned Next?

Will Work From Home end by March? What IT Companies Planned Next?

It's going to take two years for various companies around the world to start working from home.

In this, all the IT companies introduced the system of working from home. From time to time when the spread of infection was low, a few companies brought staff into the office with restrictions.

With the corona spread now almost bound, it has been reported that most IT companies have decided that all employees should no longer come to the office just to work.

Overseas, Google has already announced that employees, including Microsoft, will be required to come to work. In India, all IT corporations, including TCS, Cognizant, HCL and Infosys, have announced that they will no longer be working from home, but will launch a hybrid work model.

As the incidence of corona infection around the world has decreased, we are no longer looking to implement a hybrid program. The hybrid work mode of working in the office for a few days and working from home for desired or required days will come into effect soon.

But, to implement it successfully, we first have to tell all the staff to come to the office. Not only that, but senior executives of the company have already started working in the office.

Infosys has also decided to bring a little bit of staff to the office. Accordingly, the staff has developed a plan to come to the office and work one or two days a week.

Not only that, but almost 50% of employees will have to work in the office, according to Infosys.

From this, it is certain that most IT companies will no longer require employees to come to the office and just work.

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