KeralaCourt case against Renu Raj Ernakulam Collector for delay rain holiday announcement

Court case against Renu Raj Ernakulam Collector for delay rain holiday announcement

The Ernakulam Collector Renu Raj, who saw the comments piling up under his post, issued another notice within an hour.

Ernakulam, Kerala: It has been raining continuously in the state of Kerala for the past few weeks. Due to this, daily precautionary notices are being issued to the districts like Red Alert, Orange Alert, Yellow Alert, depending on the weather. Holidays are being given to schools and colleges depending on the nature of the rain.

Yesterday in the state of Kerala it was announced that the educational institutes in the districts of Alappuzha, Idukki and Kottayam will be closed day and night. In this situation, yesterday at 8.25 am, Collector Renu Raj announced on Facebook that all the educational institutes in Ernakulam district will be closed. As a result, angry parents posted their concerns as comments on the Facebook notification itself.

“My child’s classes started at 8.15 in the morning. I sent the child in a private van at 7.15,” said one agitated person. “It’s been raining since last night. It’s still raining now. You don’t understand how hard it is.” “Madam, it would be better if you wake up a little early from tomorrow,” said another.

In the bustling city of Ernakulam, many people leave their children at school and go to work. Parents are confused as to how they can take their children home if they leave their children at school and go to the office on leave. After seeing the comments pile up under his post, the collector posted another announcement within an hour. In it, he announced, “The holiday has been declared so that there is no danger as the rain that started last night is still continuing. Do not close the schools that have started functioning during this time. Do not send back the children who have come to the classroom.”

Meanwhile, a person has filed a case in the Ernakulam court regarding the delay of the Collector in granting holidays to the educational institutes despite heavy rains in the Ernakulam district. In a petition filed by M.R. Thanil, a lawyer from Ernakulam in the High Court, it has been stated in the petition, “Due to the confusion in the distribution of holidays in Ernakulam district, the public has been disturbed. An explanation should be sought from Ernakulam Collector Renu Raj, who declared the holiday late. Clear guidelines should be issued regarding the declaration of holidays.”

Apart from this, Kerala Revenue Minister Rajan has announced that an inquiry will be conducted into the delay in declaring holidays to educational institutes in Ernakulam district. At the same time, Ernakulam Collector Renu Raj announced the announcement of rain holiday today before 8 pm yesterday.

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